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Twit FM is the one radio channel for all your needs. Our station is looking back on a rich tradition of far more than 24 months and, since it started in the wonderful year of 2006, has brought entertainment and education in every househould of our fair, fair country.

Long story short, this audio play series might well be one of the most disgusting, most insulting, and generally worst things to disgrace the human race. Several teenagers put into one room maybe bad, but giving them a microphone and the cheapest audio editing is software there makes this abominable caricature of creative output even worse.

EpisodeDurationThe File
Little Red Riding Hood9m14s[Full Episode]
Murder at Seaside Avenue!16m18s[Full Episode]
News of May 23 20075m28s[Full Episode]
Prof. Dr. Dr. Evil16m55s[Full Episode]
Holger von Wienerstein15m46s[Full Episode]
Resident Paul25m16s[Full Episode]
American Talk6m8s[Full Episode]
Everything a Man Could Need15m9s[Full Episode]
Everything a Terrorist Could Need21m3s[Full Episode]
Andrew and Andrea4m12s[Full Episode]
Knut the Knice Custodian5m22s[Full Episode]
Murder Between Two Halls31m58s[Full Episode]
Just Barely Almost Believable: Fact or Fiction21m37s[Full Episode]
Everything a Fanatic Could Need18m20s[Full Episode]
Judge Judy Cial15m17s[Full Episode]
Snoop God29m37s[Full Episode]
First Break2m48s[Full Episode]
Staccato Stuttering23m13s[Full Episode]
Paratalk17m48s[Full Episode]
News of May 23 200815m58s[Full Episode]
MUCAGBU!31m46s[Full Episode]
Rumpel­stilts­kin24m37s[Full Episode]
Twit FM Mystery10m32s[Full Episode]
Second Break4m9s[Full Episode]